This War Is About So Much More
  1. Foreword
  2. Introduction
  3. The Lies
    1. Bush team lied about intentions for war from the start
    2. The Bush administration has repeatedly lied to support the war
    3. Lies told to support Desert Storm
    4. Lies told by the Reagan and Bush administrations
      1. The CIA Drug connection under Reagan
      2. The Crack Baby myth
      3. "Trickle Down" economics was a "Trojan Horse"
      4. The Bush family and the S&L Scandal
    5. 50+ years of deception
      1. American supporters of the European Fascists
      2. FDR provoked the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
      3. America planed global display of power by nuking the moon
      4. US Military drafted plans for domestic terrorism to prompt war with Cuba
      5. The American involvement in Vietnam
      6. American testing of biological and chemical weapons
    6. Looking back on the facts
  4. Major General Smedley Butler USMC
  5. Communism and Marxism
    1. Marxism
    2. The Russian Revolution
    3. Maoist China
    4. Communism on the world stage
  6. Iraq
    1. The invasion of Kuwait
    2. Communism in Iraq
  7. The European Union
  8. OPEC
  9. OPEC, Iraq, the euro, and global economics
  10. The Bush administration
    1. Introducing the Bush administration
    2. What has Bush and his administration been up to?
      1. The Patriot Act
      2. The Homeland Security Act
      3. The Clear Skies initiative
      4. Bush's tax proposals
      5. Investigation of the September 11th attacks
    3. Bush's comments on Iraq and the War on Terror
    4. The Presidential election of 2000
      1. Legitimate voters removed from voter registration lists
      2. Florida's Secretary of State was heavily biased
      3. Absentee ballot favoritism shown by Supervisor of Elections
      4. Jeb Bush's staff became vote counters
      5. Miami-Dade vote recount demonstration was staged
      6. Supreme Court Justices were biased
  11. Putting it all Together
    1. Bush and the war
    2. What is this war really all about?
    3. Understanding the real factors behind the American economy
    4. The condition of modern American society
  12. Solutions
    1. Economic solutions
      1. National investment program
      2. Taxation
      3. Labor in foreign countries
    2. Education solutions
    3. Forming more "United States"
  13. Summary
  14. Follow-up
  15. Reflection on This War - One Year Later


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