The Presidential election of 2000

Al Gore did actually receive more popular votes than George Bush, over 500,000 more votes nationwide. So it is a fact that more Americans voted for Al Gore than George Bush. It must also be noted that later assessment of the ballots in Florida reveal that Al Gore would have won the state had all ballots been recounted, including ballots that had been thrown out by Katherine Harris. It actually does not matter whether Al Gore would have won Florida or not based on a full recount, the fact is that actions were taken that unfairly biased voting in Florida and the decisions on how Florida's electoral votes would be used. Even if Al Gore didn't have the votes to win Florida, it does not change the fact that these various actions were taken.

It is also evident that the ballot confusion in Palm Beach County cost Gore thousands of votes, which would have been enough to win the election regardless of any type of counting measures. That ballot incident seems to be an innocent mistake, and I'm sure that it was. It should be noted though that it cost Gore somewhere between 3,000 and 33,000 votes, while Bush was ruled to win the Florida election by little more than 500 votes. Theresa LePore, the designer of the ballot in Palm Beach that caused so much trouble, was registered as a Republican until 1996, when she changed her registration to Democrat, and then she changed to Independent in the year 2000.

On several occasions Jeb Bush stated that he would "deliver Florida" for his brother. In addition Jeb vetoed voter education programs. In fact the state of Florida spent over $30 million on "Lottery Education" programs in 1999 and in 2000 and less than one million on voter education both years. The state lottery collects a disproportionate amount of money from poor and middle class citizens. The state has no qualms about spending money to ensure that it can collect money from this demographic, but apparently spending money in ways that are perceived to help this demographic vote was not deemed worthy by Jeb Bush.

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Let's look at the evidence that the elections in Florida were actually manipulated.

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