I began writing this piece the when the war with Iraq started, March 21st. I wrote the entire piece before the war in Iraq was officially declared over by President Bush on May 1st. The majority of the information pertaining to Iraq had been written before the statue of Saddam had been pulled down on April 9th. Since that time I have continued to edit the piece for grammatical and spelling mistakes and have restructured a few sentences and added some content to offer more detail, but for the most part all of the content about Iraq in this piece was assembled prior the fall of the Saddam statue, which I feel is significant because it shows that there was enough information available to the public prior to and during the war to be able to understand the war in a different light than what was portrayed in popular media. It also shows that there was a large body of evidence that the Bush administration was lying about the situation in Iraq, as well as other things, even before the war started.

I wrote this piece because I felt that it was apparent before the war even started that the Bush administration was lying. When the war started it prompted me to put that information down in the light in which I viewed it, and this piece is the result of that. I wrote this piece at a rapid pace while also doing research in books and on the internet. The piece is over 200 pages long in Word single-spaced in 12 point Times New Roman font.

Again, what is important to keep in mind while reading this paper is that it was all written prior to the "Mission Accomplished" declaration by Bush with information and perspectives that were available largely before the war even started.

Update - November 15, 2003:

Due to increased traffic to this website and parts of this piece, This War Is About So Much More, I have begun updating certain aspects of the material. What I am not doing is updating any information that relates directly to the war in Iraq or the Bush administration because I want to maintain the integrity of that information as it was originally written in March and April. What I am doing is updating pieces of this document that deal with history or other information that is not time sensitive in relation to the Iraq war. I am mostly adding images, clarifying points, adding additional information, or making corrections to parts of of the document that are not related directly to the war in Iraq. I am keeping all of the writings directly related to the war in Iraq or the Bush administration unchanged so that they will continue to reflect my views as they were in March and April of 2003.

Update - January 10, 2004:

It's been an amazing new year so far in relation to the war in Iraq. It seems now that all of the major premises laid out in my paper, This War is About So Much More, are being verified at what can only be seen as the highest levels. With the release of An End to Evil by Richard Perle and David Frum the anti-UN and anti-EU motivations behind the war in Iraq were acknowledged. They also boldly admitted that the discussion with the UN were merely a distraction ploy while America built up its military presence near Iraq. Now, ex-Treasury secretary Paul O'Neill, by far the most moderate of the original cabinet members, has come out acknowledging that there was a plan to invade Iraq within the Bush administration from day one. At this point I am considering the major points of my paper to have been validated. The war in Iraq was planned prior to the Bush administration's entry into office, and the war in Iraq was part of a larger program to disrupt the European Union and United Nations in order to promote American global preeminence. At this point, these facts have been substantiated from extremely high level sources.

This page is a part of This War Is About So Much More which was written in March and April of 2003. This document should be read in the order that it is presented. If you are coming to this page from an outside source, such as a search engine, and you are interested in how this information relates to Operation Iraqi Freedom, then please start at the Foreword. In addition, if you have been directed here from an outside search engine then you may want to re-search this website with the same criteria because it is likely that this website contains additional information on the same topics.
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