Jeb Bush's staff became vote counters

In order to make a public display of impartiality Jeb Bush took himself out of the official vote recount process. However, what really happened was that his staff took leave and volunteered as vote counters in the vote recount. Six members of the Jeb Bush gubernatorial staff volunteered as vote counters. There is of course no record of what they did and of the ballots that they counted, but I think that it should not have been allowed for Jeb Bush's staff members to participate in a hand recount of votes for obvious reasons of conflict of interest.

Jeb also invited his legal counsel Frank Jimenez over for Thanksgiving dinner during the recount. Frank Jimenez was volunteering in the recount as well. Jeb was asked about his meeting with Jimenez during the recount process to which he gave a written reply that stated:

"As it relates to Frank Jimenez and Thanksgiving, I can remember vividly. Columba and I invited him to dinner with the Towey family (Jim, Mary, Jaime, Joey, Max, John) and we talked about Marvin the Dog and Sugar the Cat who the Towey kids were fascinated with. We also talked about Mother Teresa who Jim worked with and he explained why she will become a Saint. We ate turkey with a chipolte laced stuffing that was awesome.

We invited Frank since he could not go back to Miami to spend Thanksgiving to be with his family."

Come on Jeb. Do you really expect people to believe that as a member of one of the most powerful political families in the world you invited a member of your legal team to dinner while he was working on a recount of votes in an election that your brother was involved in for presidency in a history making situation, and all you talked about is pets and saints?

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