Communism in Iraq

What is a significant, and mostly overlooked, aspect of the Iraqi political landscape is the relatively strong revolutionary communist parties in Iraq.  As one of the most highly educated countries in the Middle East Iraq has been a breeding ground for Marxists since the days of Kassem. The Ba'ath Party came to power with American approval  precisely because they were an anti-Communist organization, and have taken strong action to fight Communists in Iraq over the years. The Communists of Iraq have historically presented some of the strongest opposition to the Saddam regime.

I believe that one of the major, and unspoken, elements of American policy towards Iraq is, and has been, that the last thing that America wants is a natural regime change in Iraq that comes from within the Iraqi borders, because there is a significant chance that regime change could mean the formation of a Democratic Communist government in Iraq.

Saddam has been wary of this as well, and it is one reason that he changed from his secular approach to government to one that supported fundamentalist Islam.

Iraq has traditionally been one of the most, if not the most, secular country in the Middle East.  This is one reason that Osama Bin Laden has been largely at odds with Iraq and Saddam over the years.

Some of the most advanced opposition groups to Saddam’s rule are now the communist parties of Iraq.  You never hear anything about this in American coverage though.  Certainly no one wants to give the impression that we are going to Iraq to potentially liberate communists.

A primary, and unspoken, issue that America has with Kurdish support is that there are significant Communist factions within the Kurdish people.  To a large degree many of the democratic ideas present in the Kurdish ranks come not from American role models, but from Marxism.

This is one of the reasons why America’s support of the Kurds has been dubious.

This is also, I believe, “a” reason why the Bush administration and the PNAC, have decided to take a leading role in the transformation of Iraq.  They want to make sure that the new Iraqi government is formed to fit Americans ideals, not Communist ideals.

In many ways, Iraq is the Germany of the Middle East.  Those who understand German history will know what I mean.  Prior to WWII it was apparent that Germany was the key to Europe.  If Germany went Communist, then it was likely that all of Europe would have been swept with a wave of Communism.  If Germany went fascist it was felt that Europe would go fascist, which it did try to do.

I think that there is an element of the same fear here.  Iraq is certainly a key to the Middle East, at least it was prior to Desert Storm, but it still is.

Now that Iraq has been trampled by 12 years of sanctions Iraq is in the position that Cuba was in when Castro took control of Cuba, with nowhere to go but up.  This means that if a democratic communist party took a significant role in Iraq with the fall of Saddam that America could be looking at a new rise of communism.

Of course many will say that this is doubtful and that I’m stretching here.  Possibly, secular communism would certainly have a hard time against the rising Islamic tides in the Middle East, but a religiously tolerant communist system really would not have a hard time.

What is even more important about this is that the Kurds represent a significant population in Iraq, Turkey, Syria, and Iran.  The rise of Kurdish political power is seen by Turkey at least as a threat to its own interests, and as an ally of the United States Turkey’s interests in the Kurdish situation have always been taken into consideration in America’s dealing with the Kurds.

What is more important is that if a democratic communist Kurdistan were to develop, its likely that a rising tide of communism would become significant in Syria and Turkey.

So, I believe that the Bush administration, and anyone else who is anti-communist but actually savvy in Middle Eastern politics, has an interest in America taking a hand in shaping the new Iraqi regime.  This means of course that the Iraqis won’t be left to develop their own system, and that it’s likely that America will continue to play a significant role in the Iraqi political system for years to come.  It’s also likely that there will be significant anti-communist actions taking place in Iraq once American regime change takes place.  This is a reason why many Iraqis are not fond of American involvement and want America to leave immediately.  Not just because of communism, but also those that are Islamic fundamentalists.  Both know that America will not represent their desires.

What is likely to make a resolution of the political situation difficult in Iraq is that we now have basically 30 years of pent up political oppression in Iraq.  This means that many radically different groups are waiting for their chance to make their impact and have their say.  It’s not likely that America will entertain these notions.  I think that anyone can guess how much of a fair treatment America will give to Communist Party leaders during new government establishment and reforms processes.

Of course Islamic Fundamentalism is also something that American policy makers want to make sure does not work its way into a new Iraqi government, but Islamic Fundamentalism is not as strong in Iraq as it is in other Middle Eastern regions, though it is still a significant political force in Iraq.

The Statement of the Worker-Communist Party of Iraq on the Fascist Baath Regime

  With the entry of American and British troops into the center of Baghdad at noon this day, the fascist Baath regime has uttered it last words. Now, regime is ousted, a major obstacle has been rubbed from the way of masses’ liberation in Iraq, but the expense is a gloomy future that the masses encounter in Iraq.

        The collapse of this barbaric regime has not been an outcome of the struggle of working masses and toilers who are after welfare, life, freedoms, and happiness, but an outcome of the US missiles and bombs, the most barbaric massacre and the operation of mass annihilation whose victims are thousands of the innocents children, elderly, women and men who all have no guilt in what is happening. Millions have been displaced and have held their breaths for weeks due to devastating and ghastly horror. The collapse has occurred on the expense of destroying the infrastructure of the society and its economic pillars and edging it toward the whirlpool of chaos and insecurity. Such an outcome will not achieve the noble masses’ expectations which they have shed blood to enjoy for decades. 

          The USA is not the “ liberator” of masses in Iraq. It is not the masses’ “ savior”. The collapse of the Baath regime is a yield of a reactionary war waged by America to enthrall the world and impose its hegemony on it. This collapse can not be considered a victory for the masses in Iraq. The USA and its allies have brought this regime to stand against communism and workers, freedom and equality, left and radicalism, and the efforts for a better life during the Cold War. They had backed him and strengthened his espionage and suppressive institutions. They had trained his criminal gangs. They had disregarded his crimes, operations of annihilation and bloodbaths. They have aligned in the regime’s trenches against the struggle of the masses in Iraq for liberation and equality. They had helped it live longer by imposing the economic sanction on the masses in Iraq, fettered their will and blown all their struggle efforts to present them handcuffed to the teeth of this barbaric regime. The USA is responsible of the death of more than a million of peoples in Iraq due to the oppressive sanctions. Getting rid of the USA, its ominous role, its existence and the total of its plans and projects are an obvious goal declared by emanicepatory masses in Iraq and all over the world for decades.

        Because of its excessive recklessness, the USA blatantly talks about a military interim government to rule Iraq and openly deny the masses’ right of determining their political destiny and their expected political rule. America does not refrain from supporting nationalist, religious tribal and sectarian militias and groups, ex-hirelings of the fascist Baath regime and its ex-generals such as Al khazrajy, Al Samerrae and Al Jobory and nominates them as the bases of future government in Iraq disregarding the masses’ opinions and against their will. The USA has no problem in handing the responsibility of ruling Basra and Amara to sheikhs whom society had swept since decades. The government, the pentagon is after, is not the representative of masses in Iraq as much as the case with the Baath regime. It enjoys no legitimacy and must unconditionally and immediately withdraw.

         The Worker-communist Party of Iraq seeks to build a socialist republic by establishing the authority of masses’ councils and calls on the masses to organize in councils to take the initiative. At the same time WCPI demand the US and UK troops withdraw immediately from Iraq and that the UN is held responsible of security in the Iraqi cities, the safety of civilians and ensuring a free political circumstances that give masses in Iraq the capability and freedom to determine their expected political rule. 

        WCPI calls on all libertarians all over the world and humanity advocates – ahead of them the million forces that have taken to streets against the war on Iraq to defend the banner of the Party, support the masses’ demands which are establishing a just, free and equal society and the priority is the right to choose their political alternative freely.

              No to the US and UK troops in Iraq!
              No to the US alternative!
              Yes for the socialist republic! 

  The Worker-communist Party of Iraq

April 9,2003

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