50+ years of deception

The current political and social environment in America is a product of over fifty years of government and corporate deception of the American people.  I have no doubt that all people of all countries are biased by the leadership of their own nations, this is to be expected.  Many Americans though don't believe that it happens here.  This belief, that it couldn't happen here, is not only part of the deception, but it’s also very wrong.  Of course many misconceptions relate all the way back to the founding of the country but I will only cover recent events for the sake of brevity.  What is especially important to note about these points of interest is not just the facts themselves, but the fact that this information is not a part of American mainstream knowledge.  It is of course also important to recognize that we do have the information; it hasn’t been totally hidden.

A few specific points of particular interest:

1)      Many wealthy Americans and corporations were supporting the Nazis prior to the American entry into World War II and even during the war.

2)      President Franklin Roosevelt did provoke the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in order to get into World War II.

3)      The US military planned to hit the moon with a nuclear missile in the 1950s as a demonstration of American military global domination.

4)      The US military planned to stage an attack on America by Cuba in 1962 in order to get Americans to support a full-scale invasion of Cuba.

5)      America was involved in the situation of Vietnam as early as the 1940s. American intervention in Vietnam was ill conceived from the start.

6)      The American government has engaged in the testing of biological and chemical weapons on its own citizens.  This was done primarily between 1949 and 1969.

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