This War Is About So Much More

Written: March 21, 2003 - April 18, 2003

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This war in Iraq is about so much more than Iraq. This war is about everything.

This war is about the American system. This war is about the global community. This war is about our economy. This war is about lies we have all been told for generations. This war is about 500 years of history, this war is about 500 years of the future. This war really is about everything.

President George W. Bush Jr. has lied to bring us to war with Iraq. Whether this war be right or wrong, and whether its immediate consequences be good or bad, there can be no denial that the nation was moved to war with lies. So what does that mean?

Three basic ways to see this are:

1) No, he didn’t lie. If you believe that he lied then you are un-American. If you call the president a liar then you should leave the country; you should be ashamed. If you believe that the president is a liar then you are a horribly misinformed and misguided person that has no morals. We should all trust the president and have faith in him and our nation’s leaders.

If this is true then we have a lot of misguided Americans, and a world that is against the rest.

2) Yes, he lied. On top of that, the entire American system supported the lies; we have all been lied to for years by the American government, but that’s just the reality of life in the modern world. It’s not possible for the government to be honest and open with American citizens for a variety of reasons including national security. We all have to just put our trust in leadership in order to be safe and to be happy because the issues are too complex for the average citizen. National, and world, security depends on secrecy.

If this is true then democracy is dead, as uninformed puppets cannot govern themselves.

3) Yes, he lied, and the entire system supported his lies. Not just his lies, but lies that have gone on for generations in America, lies told by politicians and businessmen alike. Bush did lie, he cheated, and he stole, and his agenda may not be in the best interests of the American people or the people of the world.

If this is true then what does it say about our system? How did we come to this?

Back in 1926 Gilbert K. Chesterton wrote:

"You may have secret diplomacy; you cannot have secret democracy. Democracy is dead without information. If the people are misinformed about the main facts, we cannot even say that they are voting wrong, but rather that they do not vote at all. At best they are voting about something else; something that does not exist. The old defenders of democracy never dreamed of defending this sort of democracy. They assumed that public affairs would be public. "

The first thing that I’m going to do is present the case that the Bush administration is full of lies. Then I will take the case all the way back to World War II, where, for all intents and purposes, this problem started. Of course the issues can really be traced back even further than that, back even to the formation of America itself.

This war on Iraq was really designed to be a war on the European Union, OPEC, and the UN as much as a war on Iraq. It was designed to indirectly attack the EU and UN via the Iraqi situation. The three primary goals are to secure American influence in the Persian Gulf, weaken the EU and UN, and gain increased influence over OPEC.

Whatever the ultimate outcome of this conflict may be, it cannot be said that the American people were properly informed about the motives or methods of those promoting this war, nor the implications of it. 

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