Florida's Secretary of State was heavily biased

Florida's Secretary of State, Katherine Harris, was a staunch Bush supporter; she was co-chair of Florida's George W. Bush for President campaign. Katherine Harris' role in the 2000 presidential election is significant.

Harris was charged with the task of interpreting and upholding Florida's election laws during the 2000 presidential elections. Harris blocked the counting of 175,000 ballots in the 2000 elections. Harris also enlisted the help of Bush and Cheney attorneys in interpreting the voting laws of the state of Florida. Essentially Harris determined which votes would be counted, how they would be counted, and the deadlines for counting them, and she is a staunch Republican and Bush supporter who also had larger political aspirations.

She ran for Congress in 2002 and was elected. Not only was Harris a Bush supporter, but she also obviously had personal motive for directing the Florida vote counting in favor of Bush because it stood to benefit her own political aspirations.

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