Investigation of the September 11th attacks

Despite all the talk about making America more secure the Bush administration has only allotted $3 million for the investigation and has given it a one-year time frame for completion. Now, this was the largest foreign attack on American soil since the Revolutionary War, and they only want to spend $3 million to investigate it and only spend about a year's time on it? There are single murder cases that are investigated for 10 or even 20 years, and in this case, the murder of over four thousand people, they only want to spend a year? For comparison it has been noted that $47 million was spent investigating President Clinton in relation to Monica Lewinski and Whitewater.

The Republicans thought it was appropriate to spend $47 million investigating blowjobs, but this administration isn’t going to spend over $3 million investigating the largest attack on America in history?

In 1996 an investigation commission got $5 million and 2 years to study legalized gambling. Yet, they want just $3 million and less then 2 years to study 9/11.

In addition to this, Bush opposed an independent commission to investigate the attacks and then tried to appoint Henry Kissinger, a long time covert insider, to head the investigation commission.

It is already known that several protocols were broken on 9/11 which could have stopped the attacks had they been followed.

There are many, many questions to be answered about the attacks on 9/11, but the Bush administration is opposing investigations into 9/11 and trying to hide information using national security as an excuse not to reveal information about what took place on that day.

If we are to assume that the Bush administration has nothing to hide, then this is a problem because this represents the largest breach of our national defense ever, and it should be studied to learn more about it.

It appears as though that the Bush administration does have something to hide, which may indicate that they already know how it happened. If that is the case then we need to know how the Bush administration may have been involved in this attack if at all, and if there was involvement then obviously we are looking at a serious criminal situation, possibly the greatest act of treason ever committed by anyone in the history of the country, and it may have been done by the President.

If they are not willing to conduct a more open investigation, then these types of assumption will be made by many Americans, and rightfully so.

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