Forming more "United States"

The federal system that we have developed here in the United States has obviously served our interests very well. It has made our states much stronger then if each of our states was a separate country. If each state were a separate country we would probably be having wars here right now among ourselves and our economies would not be as strong. We should encourage others, like the European Union, to form federations as well. We should be encouraging the formation of the United States of Africa, after all the countries of Africa were just created almost by whim by the British as they stopped colonizing the area, they have no real historical value. We should encourage the people of Africa to unite and form a union that will be stronger so that they can move towards a system that ties them together to share their resources and strengths. We should encourage the unification of countries in South and Central America.

Of course the people of these areas will have to agree to these things, and there will be those that don't want to do it, but we should promote this discussion, and promote helping countries form unions to become stronger, we should not be trying to keep counties weaker, as the Bush administration's plans call for.

The European Union is leading the way today in a great experiment that is much like the experiment that our founders led in forming the United States of America, but they have unique challenges ahead of them that may prove to be a good guide for other unifications around the world, which we should encourage.

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