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American has become dependant on foreign labor and resources, there is no question about this, but what is just as important is understanding how America's reliance on foreign labor and resources affects those countries in which American capitalists invest.

One of the most important elements of American prosperity has been the development of a domestic market for American goods and services. By creating domestic demand for goods and services that prevents the country's economy from being dependent on the demands of foreign countries. This is truly one of the most important elements of national liberty, and is the true key to American prosperity and happiness.

This means that in order to truly promote liberty abroad we must allow, and even encourage, countries to develop their own internal markets so that dependence on foreign investment is decreased, which makes them free from foreign control and thus truly free.

This is where American leaders have gone against the very ideas of liberty, because American leaders have not worked to help countries secure their own economic independence from America or other Western powers. They have done the opposite; they have made these countries heavily dependent on the economies of the developed nations, which is of course intentional because the wealth of developed nations comes through the exploitation of underdeveloped nations. That's what colonialism was all about, that’s why America rebelled against the British, its why so many countries rebelled against the British and French empires, and its why so many countries are trying to rebel against America today. Terrorism is rebellion against foreign oppression, that’s exactly what it is, and that’s exactly what any people who want to be free will do. Just as our forefathers committed acts of terrorism and treason against the British, many people are now feeling that these acts are the only way to gain their independence from America. The situation is more complex now, though, because America does not officially claim to have colonies. America employs rulers of other countries to govern in the interest of America but under their own name. The citizens of these countries know that America is really who is employing their leaders through so-called "foreign aid" though, and that is why hate is directed at us.

In order to create true liberty for the people of the world and promote peace what has to be done is to stop employing these foreign leaders to work in America's interests and allow these countries to develop internal markets and work in their own best interests.

One of the greatest plans for doing this was laid out by Alexander Hamilton in 1791 in his Report on Manufacturers. It is because America followed his plan that we were able to secure its our own liberty; it is hypocrisy and a tyranny against humanity to prevent other nations from following a similar plan which will make them independent from American interests and may not serve America's direct economic interests. America did not become free by serving England's economic interests and it is impossible to imagine how any country can become free while serving our economic interests.

Excerpts from Hamilton's Report on Manufacturers:

A way that this can be done is to create a minimum wage that American companies have to abide by when employing foreign labor. The current solution is to use tariffs, both by the host country, which is exporting goods, and by America, which is importing goods. This money goes directly to governments and therefore may not justly serve the people. Furthermore, these tariffs only encourage employers to attempt to maintain even lower labor costs to attract American business and increase tariff revenue, which works against the interests of the people, and leads to governments growing that are oppressive to their own citizens in order to gain income from America.

America should lead the world in instituting international minimum wages, an effort that would be seen by all of the citizens of the world as something favorable being done by the United States to help them. If we are really to represent liberty for all then this is what we should do.

Along with implementing an international minimum wage that American companies would have to abide by, tariffs should also be reduced and eventually eliminated. The reduction of tariffs along with increased pay for international workers would offset the increase in cost for employing foreign laborers by American companies. The money that is collected by the United States through tariffs to control trade is an injustice to foreign laborers. That money should go to the workers, not to our government. They are the ones doing the work, not our government. We can reduce or eliminate the tariffs and also lower foreign aid at the same time because the countries will be earning more money through labor in the first place. If we just let the people really receive what they are worth and keep what they earn then we won't need to bail countries out with foreign aid in the first place.

By increasing the standard of living internationally, not only do we help to spread liberty, but we also help to secure our own safety by building a more positive relationship with foreign citizens.

Ultimately increases in foreign wages are also intended to encourage more domestic production and provide security for American jobs. As it becomes more expensive to employ foreign workers domestic workers become more favorable.

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