What has Bush and his administration been up to?

Since Bush has taken office he has established a secret "shadow government", repeatedly refused to release public records, attempted to hide his father's presidential records, attempted to hide his own gubernatorial papers, used secret arrests and closed secret military tribunals, classified the results of the Pentagon's Star Wars missile tests, and refused to make public the SEC investigative files on his own Harken Energy business dealings.

Federation of American Scientists information on government secrecy:


Now that we know a little bit about the members of the Bush administration, let's see exactly what legislation they have been supporting and proposing since they have taken office in 2000. The legislation that I will be reviewing is just a very small sample of the legislation that has been sponsored and/or passed by the Bush administration since the President took office.

Specific legislative items that will be looked at here are:

  1. The Patriot Act
  2. The Homeland Security Act
  3. The Clear Skies initiative
  4. Bush's tax proposals
  5. The 9/11 investigation
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