Triumph of the Will

Originally released in 1934

Triumph of the Will is the premier documentary of the Nazi Party. It was made during the Nuremberg Rally of 1934 and ran every year in Germany from its release until the end of the war. It is not only a documentary of the German environment, but it is also a film that was influential on the German people; it both captured a piece of history and was an instrument of a historical movement.

This Special Edition release of Triumph of the Will was released in 2001 and is the best available copy of this historically significant film. This Special Edition includes an excellent commentary, as well as subtitles, both of which are optional and can be turned on or off. It has also been digitally re-mastered. I recommend watching the DVD at least twice, once with the commentary on, and once with it off and with the subtitles on.

This is perhaps the most important piece of media for understanding Nazism and how the Nazi movement developed in Germany. This is a film made by the Nazis for the Germans and presented them as they wanted to be seen. Unlike so much historical commentary on the Nazis that is given in modern assessments of them, this DVD gives you direct access to the Nazis without any modern interpretations or twistings of what they did or didn't say and do. You can see how they really presented themselves right here in this DVD, as well as seeing what it was that the German people would have believed in.

This DVD should be shown in every school.

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Triumph of the Will


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