The Roosevelt Death

A Super Mystery

by Mr. X

Published 1947 in the United States

This sensational booklet, billing Roosevelt's death as a mystery, is largely just an attack on Roosevelt and his policies, using the sensationalism of a "mystery death" as its initial draw. The booklet is very interesting though, does actually touch on some valid points and is an example of the rising Red Baiting literature that grew to prominence regarding the Roosevelt administration leading up to the McCarthy era. The booklet may or may not be seen as significant, but what it does best is serve as a reminder of real attitudes and opinions that existed following World War II, attitudes and opinions mostly forgotten today, but still playing a very important role in right-wing American politics. Though many of the issues in this booklet are not discussed openly in America, there are still Americans that share these views about the Roosevelt administration almost exactly. Many of the ideas presented in this booklet are echoed by the likes of right-wing commentators such as Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh today.


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