The International Jew Volume II

Jewish Activities in the United States

Published 1921 in the United States of America

The International Jew was published as a four volume set by the Dearborn Publishing Company of Henry Ford in the 1920s. The books were collected re-publications of articles that ran in The Dearborn Independent. This is Volume II of the set. These books were ordered in great numbers by the Nazi regime and millions were distributed in Nazi Germany.  They became required reading material for the Nazi Youth, and as was later discovered during the Nuremberg trials had a profound impact on German anti-Semitism. Due to the fact that my copy is very fragile I cannot easily or safely make copies of it, however the text of The International Jew can be found online with a simple search. I present this copy here as a reminder and proof that yes, this is real, and as you can see in the Table of Contents, the "Jewish Question" was raised.

The International Jew - The World's Foremost Problem


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