The Dearborn Independent

Henry Ford was President of Dearborn Publishing, which published The Dearborn Independent. The publication is a very interesting one and remains surprisingly relevant today, which is due to the nature of the topics covered by the publication. Henry Ford had his own editorial that regularly ran in the publication and the publication also advertised his work, The International Jew. The publication regularly ran anti-Semitic pieces, which reflected many popular views of the day about Jews in America. The publication does contains many articles and commentary on aspects of American society, the world, and government that are extremely interesting to reflect on today. The pieces I am presenting here were all published in 1926. These are all scans of the original 1926 publications. You may also notice that almost all ads in the publication are for car related products. Keep in mind when reading these pieces that they are biased and not all the information presented is accurate. (Click cover to view entire publication)

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