America and a New World Order

by Graeme K. Howard - Vice President of General Motors in the 1930s

Published 1940 in the United States of America

This is a fascinating book, and perhaps one of the most under acknowledged books in America today. This book is primarily recognized because of the fact that the author was sympathetic to the German cause and opposed American intervention in the war in Europe. For example the author states: "The totalitarian nations of Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and Russia had a definite quarrel with England and France. So did Japan have a quarrel with the concession powers in China. These nations have no quarrel with the United States other than the quarrel which we ourselves wish to initiate."

However though, this book actually does provide an excellent and realistic assessment of both the domestic American situation and of the international situation. I would consider this book to actually be one of the best books I've read on the matter of politics and economics in the 20th century. The observations of the author are sound, and the vast majority of the ideas which he promotes are as well. His position is extremely sympathetic to the international community.

What is most interesting about this book is the fact that the author is obviously very knowledgeable, provides excellent insight, and promotes an international environment of cooperation, but still feels that America should not join the war in Europe (World War II). This is important for understanding the level of opposition the to idea of American entry into the war prior to Pearl Harbor. It does also have to be noted that General Motors was engaging in business with the German government at the time of the writing of this book.

Because of these things this book, and the author, have been largely dismissed, but this book has merit in its own rite and presents many valid observations and criticisms of international politics as well as solutions for American foreign policy, withstanding leniency for fascism.


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