The Age of Reason

by Thomas Paine

Published in the United States of America

This is an 1889 printing of Thomas Paine's The Age of Reason, Parts I and II. Thomas Paine was one of the most influential people, not only of the American Revolution, but of his time as a whole. Paine was a contributor to The Declaration of Independence, was Secretary of Foreign Affairs under the First American Congress, was a member of the National Convention of France, and of course his Common Sense was the book that inspired the American Revolution. Thomas Paine was also a highly influential inspirational writer during the American Revolution.

In The Age of Reason Paine declared that he did not believe in any religion and that all religions are institutions established for the enslavement of mankind. Paine went on to strongly criticize the Bible and document many fallacies in the Bible, as well as giving an excellent account of how the Christian religion developed from its early pagan roots, an analysis which still holds weight to this very day. Paine denied the truth of the story of Christ's birth and of his resurrection. 

I am including here the first few pages of the Age of Reason, as well as the last page. The last page is significant because you will recognize the manner in which Paine refers to his concept of god, as "the Creator", those famous words in The Declaration of Independence. Paine also made common use of the phrase "God of Nature" or "Nature's God", a phrase also found in The Declaration.

In addition to this, I have included all of the back pages of this publication, which are advertisements for other books by the same publisher.

The Age of Reason

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